For Artful Music Education


MUSPACIC is a new music/art service for the Danish and expat communities. We offer for rent, workspaces, and well-designed, sound proofed, spacious teaching rooms. 

Exclusive - we are a small exclusive education setup. We at MUSPACIC are passionate about music, the arts and education, and so we provide teaching facilities to match our passion. 

For Private Music Teachers

Are you a music teacher interested in giving high-quality music lessons in one of the most sort after teaching environments in Copenhagen? Then rent our teaching rooms and support facilities. We rent out teaching space to artists/teachers/musicians serious about the arts. Our facilities are idea for teachers wanting to offer an elegant and study environment to their students. 

For Schools

MUSPACIC is ideal for schools looking to extend their music/art departments for their teachers, parents and students. We offer a great, professional teaching space enabling you to extend and develop your extracurricular activities in the arts. 

Contact Us

To rent our facilities, we would ask potential clients to complete an online application form, or simply send us an email.

our facilities


  • Spacious workspaces and/or teaching rooms (specially designed)
  • Chamber group rehearsal area
  • Kitchen and dining area
  • Waiting rooms
  • Toilets

Support & Parking access

  • Website design support and setup
  • Student Management Support
  • Parking - free parking for students & teachers


our team

Malene Raun

Laura Hedgaard
Events & concert planning.

Contact us for a pricelist.